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How is Private Nursing Authorized
As we mentioned earlier, the service of Private Duty
Nursing (PDN) is hired on because it is essential to
someone’s recovery or ongoing wellbeing in a limited
condition. As a result, there are a number of complexities
involved ranging from licensing and skill certification to
basic needs of home care and feeding.
Routinely, the level of service provided by private nursing
is far more than one would receive in an actual hospital
or care center. This is because the service hired on to
give attention to only one patient or service. A regular
hospital nurse can have anywhere from five to ten
patients to deal with at once if not more. So his or her
attention is split regularly.
The process of obtaining a private nurse starts with the
patient’s physician.  With the direction of a licensed
physician medical doctor (MD), private nurse services can be prescribed and
obtained. The MD direction is critical because the doctor, knowing the specific
condition and needs of the patient, can specify exactly the type of nurse and
services that should be provided. The physician’s prescription is also almost always
required if the government or a health insurance plan is going to pay for part or all
of the services needed.
The private nurses themselves also go through licensing to be authorized for availability. There are two categories of eligible
nurses and include either a licensed registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN). Both are usually tested and
licensed by the local state board in charge of nurse licensing and oversight.
More important, particularly for private nursing, is the authorization of an RN license with reciprocity in several states. This is a
critical approval because the ability to travel and relocate is integral to provided services where clients need them, not where the
nurse happens to be. Most information regarding reciprocity for the home state and others can be found on the state nurse
licensing board website or at their offices upon request.